Accounts Payable – 04 – Authorising an Invoice

If the person saving the invoice has authority to authorize an invoice they can do that from the View Invoice page immediately after saving the invoice by clicking on [Authorize] button. As they assign their authorization they can also add a comment and notify another user that the invoice has been cleared for payment – figure 1.

Authorizing an invoiceFig. 1 – Authorizing an Invoice

If the user is unable to authorize the invoice for payment they will have the option to forward it for authorization by selecting a user with the correct user permissions to send an email to them to authorize the invoice – figure 2. User can authorize directly from the email or login to the system to review the invoice there – figure 2.1.

forward for authorizationFig. 2 – Forward for Authorization by selecting a user

fwd for authorization

Fig. 2.1 – Invoice Authorization Request email

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