Buy Something – 04 – Approved order actions

If an order is fully approved it will be assigned PO number and will have some additional options at the bottom right of the View Purchase Order Page. Some of these options will only be available to certain users who have been given the specific authority to carry out the specific action so you may not see all of the options.

  1. Cancel Order

    Only available to users given authority to cancel orders this should be used when an order is no longer required. You cannot cancel an order that already has items marked as received in the Goods Inwards section.

  2. Email PO

    To email the PO to the vendor, fill in the field to the left of the button and click the Email button. By default the email address of the vendor, if they have one, will be in the form field.

    The vendor will receive an email of the PO at the email address specified with any vendor notes and attachments set to be emailed with the PO. If you want to preview what they will receive, you can click the Print button and review the on screen print preview of the order as the email will look similar to this.

  3. Edit

    Only available to users given authority to edit orders this should be used when the details of an order need to be updated. Any edits to an order would need to be approved similarly to when creating a new PO. After an edit has been approved the order will have a revision history tracking the different historic versions of the order.

  4. Duplicate

    To create a new order using the same information as the current order you can use the Duplicate button. This will copy the information in the order into the New Order form where you can edit as required before creating a brand new PO. This can be useful to save time when creating an order similar to one you have made previously.

  5. Print

    You can print the PO if you want to use another method of sending the order to the vendor. This will call a popup preview of how the order will print and you can select your printing method.

Fig. 1 – View Purchase Order page – Approved PO

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