The latest update release of PLANERGY went live over the weekend of the 12th/13th of June. See below the updates made in this release.

What’s New

Customisation and Integration are the order of the day with our latest update release. New integrations for Slack and Microsoft Teams introduce even more options for how you receive notifications from PLANERGY. The options available for PunchOut supplier catalog integrations have also been expanded. Custom reporting dashboards and customisation of the standard reports are also now available to let you tweak the software even more to suit your individual needs.

More details on all of these below, and as always we love to hear your feedback on the updates so let us know what you think!

Microsoft Teams and Slack Integrations

We have added new integrations for Microsoft Teams to allow you to receive notifications in these applications. Each user can decide which channel their notifications should go to and which specific notifications should be sent there.

You will then receive the notifications you have selected in that channel:

Our help content related to these integrations is not yet added to the Help site but if you need any help getting up and running please contact the Support team.

AP Automation Improvements

Continued improvements for our AP Automation module improve the field mapping and data extraction for PDFs. Invoice Number, Due Date, Invoice Total, and Line Matching are greatly improved.

The scanned invoice total will also now be available just below the total based on the PO information for easier comparison.

PunchOut Integration Improvements

As more of you have started using PLANERGY with PunchOut catalogs we have been receiving feedback and improving how these work. A few improvements are included in this release.

Unit of Measure

When a PunchOut catalog has a unit of measure this can now be mapped to the Unit of Measure field in PLANERGY. An additional field UNUOM assigned to the Unit of Measure will be available for this purpose when your account is using PunchOut catalogs.

Catalog Only PunchOut

The standard process with PunchOut integrations is that orders are created in the suppliers webshop, approved in PLANERGY, and then placed through the webshop. In some cases, you may not want to place an order through your suppliers webshop and just use PunchOut to get up to date pricing into PLANERGY. In this case items are selected using PunchOut but the final order will be placed using a standard PO sent from PLANERGY.

Additional Customization Options

This release introduces a couple of key improvements to allow better customization to suit your own needs.

Advanced Reporting – Custom Dashboard

If you are a user with access to the Advanced Reporting section of PLANERGY you will now be able to customize the dashboard to choose which reports are shown. You can resize and reposition the reports to suit your needs. You can also have multiple versions of the same report or graph with different filtering. This can be very useful if you want to keep track of multiple departments, for example.

There will be an additional list of available reports that can be included but if there is a report you would like to see included here let us know.

Custom Report Tables

Every report in PLANERGY can now be customized at the user level. You can decide which columns you want visible on each report and set the number of results shown per page. The available columns are initially restricted to the default list previously visible on the report, but if you would like to see a new column made available on any of the reports please do let us know.

The options to edit are available from a new settings button at the top left of the results table.

Other Improvements

  • Notifications Improvements: The introduction of Microsoft Teams and Slack integrations are coupled with some improvements to the loading of the notifications and improvements to the settings page for notifications to make it easier to customise your own settings.
  • Oracle Peoplesoft Integration Improvements: The options for assigning data to the currency field have been improved.  
  • Smaller fixes: Received Uninvoiced rounding improved, supplier approval messaging improved, Safari browser layout improvements, and many other improvements.