What’s New

Inventory and Asset Management for PLANERGY

We are releasing our new Inventory module with 9.6.  Inventory is a new module, which can be added to your existing PLANERGY account.  This module will help manage and control inventory and assets purchased through PLANERGY.  Please contact support or one of our account managers to inquire about adding Inventory today.

GL Code and Tax are now available in the ‘Details per supplier’ section of Items – Control Panel

It is now possible to assign a default GL Code and Tax Code to the ‘Details per supplier’ section of Items.  This means is you can now have Tax Codes and GL Codes that are different for each vendor for the same catalogue item.

New Layout and UI in Control Panel

Our new Control Panel interface is easier to use and read, allowing you to easily control and navigate the back end of PLANERGY.

Custom Fields at the PO and Invoice Line Level

It is now possible to add Custom Fields at the line item levels on the Purchase Orders and Invoices.  Please contact support to get these Custom Fields added.

Better Receiving and Return Tracking

A new field for tracking the date of Goods Received and Good Returned.  This field will allow you track receiving and returning of goods where the date of entry may differ from the date of physically receiving / returning good.

More Improvements

  • Control Panel Audit Trails Improved: Full audit trails on budgets, item price, conversion rates, and more!
  • Mobile Device Display Improvements: Columns in the Control Panel and Purchasing Panel display better on mobile devices, for a more seamless and easy to read interface.
  • Better Reporting: New reports and columns available in Advanced Reporting. Reports like Receiving / Return history improved, more customization available in some reports. New assignable Donut Chart and additional graphs in the Favorites page.