What is a company?

Companies in PLANERGY are the top level of the setup structure in the system. All orders created must be assigned to a department and all departments must be related to a company. The structure you use in PLANERGY should match what you have in your finance package. Setting different companies in the system is usually reserved for separating different legal entities.

Each company can have a time zone assigned to it. If no time zone is selected the company will inherit the time zone set for the system. The time zone assigned for the company will be applied to all users assigned to a department related to the company. If a user has a specific time zone set in their settings they will use this time zone and the company’s time zone will be ignored.

Each company in the system can have specific settings assigned that will apply to all purchase orders (POs) created for departments related to the company. POs for each separate company in the system will show company specific details in the header section. Company name, company address, company logo, tax name, and tax code will appear in the header of the POs for the company. The PO Footer set for the company will appear at the bottom of the POs created for that company.

One company in the system needs to be set as the Main Company for the system. The main company will have further specific settings that will apply to the entire system.