Cost Codes

Cost codes can be whatever you’d like. A couple common things that are used for cost codes are locations, expenditure type.

Some people don’t use categories, but they use cost codes to report on categories that they don’t normally have to prescribe the category of item.

Cost codes can be used to classify purchases or classify expenditure. Things like office supplies or IT equipment, those are common. The other common one is job numbers.

For example, you can use 100, 150, and 200 to designate different job numbers.  You can record how much you’ve purchased for each job number at the line item.


Then, you can run a report and say show me how much I spent for job 150 or show me how much I spent for job 100. It will tell you based on the line items that you’ve assigned that cost code.

Cost codes can also be linked to delivery locations.  If you link it to a delivery location, then it’s going to automatically assign this cost code every time someone picks that delivery location.

In advanced reporting, if you choose “Expenditure Report” you can run reports based on cost codes. This will show you how much you’ve spent on each code, based on which codes are assigned to each line item in all of your orders.

The purpose of cost codes is to report on expenditure and it’s totally customizable. Some companies may use it for job numbers. Some companies might use it for location. Some people might use it for identifying what’s an expense, and others may use it for different types of purchasing.

Click “Control Panel”.

Click “Cost Codes”.

Use this section to search for Cost Codes. You can search by name, description, active status, and delivery location. You can choose whether or not to include cost codes that have been archived.

Click “Add New Cost Code” to add a new cost code.

Click any of the cost codes in the list to view or edit.

Fill in a name and description for your cost code. If you want to link it to a delivery location, you can also do so here. Use the toggle switch to turn the active status on or off.