How to setup Approval Rules

Press the Approval Rules button.

Press a rule to see the details. There will always be a default rule that must always be in place and cannot be archived. It must be set to All Departments with a threshold of zero.

On the window that appears, you’ll be able to see the details of the approval rule and make changes if necessary.

To create a new approval rule, press the Add New Approval Rule button.

A pop-up window will appear. Enter a name for the rule.

Choose the department the rule applies to.

Enter the threshold – or the dollar amount of the order where the rule becomes active.

For instance, if the CEO only needs to approve purchases in excess of $10,000, set the threshold to that amount, where everything greater than or equal to that amount follows the approval rule.

Choose the rule type: Manual or Automatic.

When set to Manual, you must choose the approver to send the request to at each step.

When set to Automatic, the request is sent to all the approvers in the list.

With the automatic rule, the number of approvers must be equal to the number of approvers in the list.

You can add as many steps as you need, and the order will have to go through all of the steps before it is approved.

If we’re sending a $10,000 order to the CEO for approval, it must first go through the regular approval steps before it arrives in the CEO’s email.

Step one should be the department head. If necessary, you could also require additional approvers at this step, such as legal or IT.

Step two would be sending to the CEO for final approval.

Note: Setting up these rules properly requires all approvers in the rule must have the correct transaction limits in order to approve orders that the rule is for. Approval rules do not supersede user transaction limit.

Press the Make Active button to start using the rule.

Press the Save button to add the rule to the system.

Use the Quick Search box to quickly locate approval rules.

Press the Order Approval Rules Advanced Search button to open the advanced search box to make it easier to find rules.

Enter parameters in the search area. You can search by rule name, threshold, department, approver, and active/inactive status.

Press the green Search button to search.

If desired, you can generate a report of all the approval rules in the system, or the ones from your search, by pressing the Export to Excel.