How Do I Add A User?

  1. Press the [Add New User] button.
  2. Fill in the information for the new user.
  3. In the username box, enter the user’s email address.
  4. Enter the user’s first name.
  5. Enter the user’s middle name, if desired.
  6. Enter the user’s last name.
  7. Use the comment section to leave notes about the user, if desired.
  8. Assign a user role. Here is a link to a help article explaining user roles in more detail.
  9. Assign the user to the department they are part of.
  10. Enter a phone number, if desired.
  11. Select the user’s title, if desired.
  12. Press the green plus sign to add a new title to the dropdown list.
  13. Press the red minus sign to remove a title from the dropdown list.
  14. Select the user’s supervisor, if desired.
  15. Enter the user’s address, if desired.
  16. Select the regional settings, if desired. Regional settings allow to choose between UK and US English.
  17. Set the user’s time zone, if desired.
  18. Check the [Send Welcome Email] box to send the new user an email to notify them they now have access to PLANERGY.
  19. If your company uses single sign on (SSO), press the [Use SSO] button to enable the option.
  20. Select the SSO provider from the dropdown menu.
  21. Set the user’s departmental limits.
  22. By default, it’s possible to set a transaction limit and monthly limit for all departments.
  23. To add individual limits for departments, press the green plus button.
  24. In the window that appears, select the department(s) that you want to set limits for.
  25. Press the [Add All Selected Departments] button to add those departments to the list.
  26. Set the user permissions. Here is a link to a help article where user permissions are described in more detail.
  27. Set the user alerts, if desired. To add an email to the user alerts, enter it in the [Email] field and press the green plus button. Repeat as needed for additional users.
  28. If necessary, press the Out of Office expander to set parameters for users who will be out of the office.
  29. Select the From and To Dates that the user will be out of the office.
  30. Assign a proxy user who will take care of the tasks while the current user is away. If that proxy user does not have the same user permissions, toggle the [Inherit Approve Permissions] on.
  31. Press the [Save] button to save the changes.