Vendor Currencies – 04 – Editing a Vendor Currency

To edit a vendor currency you need to go to the Vendor Currency sub-section of the Finance Functions page. Click on the vendor currency you want to edit in the list of currencies. You can use the search functionality to find a specific currency if needed or sort the list of currencies by any of the fields by clicking the table header.

Figure 17: Financial Functions Page – Select Vendor Currency

Selecting a vendor currency will bring you to the Edit Vendor Currency popup window for that currency. The Edit Vendor Currency popup window looks similar to the Add Vendor Currency popup window and you can edit any details as required and then click the green Save button at the bottom right of the popup window to save the changes you have made.

Figure 18: Financial Functions Page – Save Button

Other options

From the Edit Vendor Currency popup screen there are a number of additional action buttons. These options appear at the bottom right of the screen alongside the Save button.

Figure 8: Edit Vendor Currency Screen – action buttons

  1. Close
    Clicking this button returns you to the Vendor Currencies Search page without making any changes to the tax code.
  2. Archive
    Clicking this button will permanently remove the vendor currency from the system. You can find details of any archived vendor currencies by searching in the Vendor Currencies Search page with the “Include Archived?” switch set to Yes. All data for an archived vendor currency will be saved in the system for auditing and reporting purposes.
  3. Save
    Clicking this button will save any changes you have made to thevendor currency details.