Users – 03 – User Permissions

After assigning the profile settings for the user you will also need to define their specific permissions within the system. These settings control what a user can and cannot do when they are accessing the system. These permissions are split into 3 main sections that are then further split into specific permissions. The 3 main sections are:

  1. Order Permissions
    Permissions related to the ordering and approval process in the system.
  2. Invoice Permissions
    Permissions related to reconciling invoices against the purchase orders.
  3. Additional Permissions
    Permissions in the system not related specifically to the ordering or invoice reconciliation process.

So while a role defines broadly what a user can do, specific purchasing-related permissions (the “advanced purchasing permissions”) exist to define/dictate exactly how a user can carry out their purchasing function e.g. which departments they can buy on behalf of, the maximum transaction value they can authorise. There’s more detail on these permissions in the Advanced Purchasing Permissions section below.