Approval Rules – 03 – Adding an Approval Rule

To create a new approval rule you can click the New button on the Approval Rules sub-section. This will bring up the Add Approval Rule popup menu. Here you can add all the details for the approval rule.

Figure 4: Approval Rules Page – Add Approval Rule

  1. Threshold
    Any order equal to or above the Threshold value will need to be approved by the number of users set in the Number of Approvers Required field.
  2. Number Of Approvers Required
    The number of approvers needed to approve requisitions equal to or above the Threshold value.
  3. Approver
    The list of approvers who can approve in this step of the rule.
  4. Add Approver
    Click the green + sign to add another approver into the list of valid approvers for the step.
  5. Remove Step
    Click the red x to remove an approver from the step
  6. Add Step
    Here you can add another step to the rule.

Both fields are required when setting up an approval rule.