Terms – 01 – Terms

The Terms sub-section of the system is where you can set the payment terms that are available when creating an order in the system. The terms are set on the purchase order but may be restricted for certain vendors. For more details on this see the Vendors section of this guide.

From the Terms sub-section you can view, edit or add new terms. Depending on your permissions you may not see all of these options.

Figure 19: Finance Functions Page – Terms

  1. Search Field
    Field to narrow the results of the terms search. Click the Search button to update the search results below.
  2. Search
    Button to run a search of the terms list. After clicking this button the Terms Search Results will be updated. The search results will be filtered depending on what is filled in the search field.
  3. Include Archived
    Switch to set if archived terms are included in the search results. By default archived terms are excluded from the results. Click the switch to include archived terms in the search results or export file.
  4. Add New Terms
    Button to add a single new terms. This will bring up the Add Terms popup window where you can enter details for a single currency.
  5. Terms Search Results
    The list shows the terms that match the search parameters filled in the Search Field. By clicking a term in the list you will see an Edit Terms popup window where you can edit any details for those terms.