Reports & Searches – 04 – Exporting information

To review information or create specific reports you can use the search fields on the Purchase Order Search page and click the Export To Excel button to create a spreadsheet or CSV format export of the information – figure 4. These exports can be useful for reporting actions such as charting figures or generating pivot tables.

You have two options when exporting information from the system:

  1. Export Orders
    This will export the header level detail of the orders only including overall values for the individual orders with a single row per order.

    Fig. 2 – Example of orders report

  2. Export Orders with Line Items

    This will export the individual line item detail for the orders. Each line item on the order will be an individual row on the export so each order may be spread across a number of rows. This export will give additional detail not available on the header level export.

    Fig. 3 – Example of order with line items report

Fig. 4 – Export options

Reports exported from Good Received not Invoiced (GRNI) and Orders not Invoiced have one more column – Due Date (also Known as Delivery Date).

Fig. 5 – Example report of Orders not invoiced exported