How to Create a New Stock Requisition

Press “My New Order” to start your order process.

The Request From Location is the location of the warehouse where the items you are requesting are locating. Select it using the drop-down arrow at the right of the box.

Next, choose the delivery address for your location, or where you want to receive the items.

Choose your delivery date, or the date you need to receive the items.

Choose the person who should be receiving the items. By default, this will be your name, but you can change it if you are requesting items on behalf of another person in the company.

Use the documents area to attach any supporting documentation for the request that may assist with approval.

Use this space to leave notes on the request.

Add items to your request by pressing the green plus symbol.

Select items as needed for your request. The inventory item tag allows you to differentiate between assets and non-assets. Assets are tracked through the system using their serial number.

Use these action buttons to save your request for items, send it to another person for approval, or if you have the appropriate permissions, approve it yourself.