Let’s start with an apology. We haven’t been keeping you up to date with all the work we have been doing to improve PLANERGY over the past number of years. We want to fix this. To avoid the fate of most New Year’s resolutions we are starting now!

Going forward we are going to be sharing regular updates about the improvements we are making to ensure you can make sure you are aware of any changes and can start to use of any new features. Updates are usually released every 2 weeks with some big and a lot of smaller improvements in each release.

We would also like to say a big thank you to all the people who have shared feedback with us. We have been listening and improving the system based on your great input. Please keep it coming! (In case you don’t know – here is a help article explaining how to log a suggestion with us).

With that addressed, here is the first of our regular updates.

What’s New

Custom Fields Linked Between PO and Invoice

Specific custom fields can be linked from the PO to the invoice to auto-populate and remove a manual step in the invoice matching stage. Assign GL Codes during the PO creation stage and see them automatically filter through to the invoice.

Reorder Notifications for Inventory

To add to the existing minimum and maximum stock levels already available in Inventory there is a new option to set a reorder quantity for each item. When stock levels drop to that number the system will show a notification on the Inventory item quantity report to inform you to reorder. Avoid stock outs with this simple but effective new feature.

Better Display on Larger Screens

For larger screens we have expanded the width of the main area of the UI to better use the horizontal space. See all the information more clearly to speed up every step of the processes you carry out in PLANERGY. This should help especially for the users that wanted to see more detail visible in the line item section when creating or editing a PO.

Hover to see full text of what you have selected

When viewing the data you have selected you can now hover over the text to see the full text. This should help when there is not enough screen space to see the full information for long descriptions, Cost Codes, GL Codes, etc. This should be particularly helpful when the text is hidden by the selector when creating or editing a PO.

Improved Control Panel Reports

For users of our Advanced Reports there is a new section in the Control Panel to run additional reports across every section of the Control Panel – Departments, Users, Items, General Ledgers, Cost Codes, Locations, and Approval Rules.

Streamlined Advanced Reporting

The Advanced Reporting section has had a little pre-Christmas tidy. The Approval section has been replaced by individual reports on approval for suppliers, POs, invoices, etc. each under their own section.

Other Improvements

  • Improved User Groups for Mobile Devices: On devices with smaller screens the User Groups has improved tab displays.
  • Bug fixes: A few fixes to reported issues including improved page printing using the browser print page (we still don’t recommend printing pages as that is a waste of paper), a few small fixes with Advanced Reporting, Invoice Search export updated, etc.