The latest update release of PLANERGY went live over the weekend of the 11th/12th  of July. See below the updates made in the latest release.

What’s New

This release includes updates to our integration capability with Xero. We also made enhancements for our new AP module and custom field options.

New AP Module

In our previous release, we launched our new AP automation module to make invoice processing even faster than before. We’ve made some updates to increase functionality.

  1. Email Notification Enhancements

The body of the original email is now included in invoice receiving notifications.

  1. Added Document Upload Functionality

It’s now possible to upload documents to the invoice document search page. This can be done either by dragging and dropping the document to the file upload area or by selecting the document from the file system. The uploaded document will be added under the selected company in the dropdown menu.

  1. Choice of Email Prefix

For customers with multiple companies, it’s now possible to choose an email address prefix for each. This prevents company codes from being shared with suppliers, and is helpful when company codes contain special characters or are too complex.

Xero Integration Enhancements 

PLANERGY’s existing Xero integration received some great updates in our previous release. But, of course, we couldn’t stop there. With this release, we’ve added even more flexibility for all your integration needs.

  1. Integration History Table

On the Xero settings page, there is now an integration history table.

  1. Popups Removed

With this release, connecting your Xero account no longer needs to be done with a popup. This streamlines the integration process.

  1. Display Organization Name in Xero

Added a new display of the Organization name in the Xero settings section of the Control Panel.

Custom Field Enhancements

In our last release , we made it possible to set a custom width for each custom field. With our current release, we’ve expanded custom field flexibility to include:

  1. Increased Number of Exportable Fields

Users can now export up to 10 custom fields per Custom Field location.

  1. Added Custom Fields for Tax

It’s now possible to add a custom field in the Taxes section of the Control Panel.

  1. Added Company Selector

When adding a selector as a custom field, it’s now possible to choose a company selector.  This will allow Custom Field to be populated with a drop down list of active companies.

Other Improvements

  • Enhanced Xero disconnection functionality when using a single account.
  • Enhanced functionality for converting a single company account to a multi-company account
  • Optimized multi-company display on Xero settings page
  • Optimized search and export performance for users with certain view permissions.