The latest update release of PLANERGY went live over the weekend of the 19th/20th of September. See below the updates made in the latest release.

What’s New

This release includes the release of our Punchout and Amazon integration options to allow you to use any compatible webshop with PLANERGY along with a number of other updates and improvements.

Amazon Catalog Integration

With this release you can now integrate PLANERGY with your Amazon Business account. This allows you the flexibility to order through Amazon while retaining compliance with your procurement processes in PLANERGY.

When creating orders you will start out from PLANERGY and access Amazon through the software. From there you will create the order as you normally would in Amazon using the Amazon shopping cart. Instead of placing the order immediately Amazon would push all of the data in the cart back into PLANERGY’s New Order form ready to go through the relevant approval process. When the approval process is completed the Amazon order will be automatically placed as a confirmed Purchase Order.

There will be some additional help added to the PLANERGY Help website in the near future related to this feature. In the meantime, if you would like to start using the feature please create a support ticket and the support team would be happy to help you.

PunchOut Catalog Integration

Amazon have the most commonly used PunchOut catalog but many other suppliers also use this type of electronic catalog. Dell, Roche, and many other large and smaller suppliers can be integrated with. PLANERGY can integrate with any PunchOut catalog.

If you have a specific catalog you are looking to integrate with, please create a support ticket and we would be happy to help with your specific requirements.

Custom Fields in the Receiving Step

Custom fields assigned to the PO or PO line item now have an additional option. You can set individual custom fields to be visible during the receiving step. So if the information is relevant when the items are being received they can be made visible on the Receive Items form.

We have received a few requests for this one, so thank you for the feedback!

Other Integration Updates

We have made a number of other improvements to the existing API integrations available for PLANERGY.

QuickBooks Canada Support Added

It is now possible to integrate with QuickBooks accounts in Canada. The integration works the same as QuickBooks integrations in all other regions.

Exact Netherlands Support Added

It is now possible to integrate with Exact accounts in Netherlands. The integration works the same as Exact integrations in all other regions.

Xero Integration Accepts Discounted Prices

Our Xero integration has been updated to integrate better with prices set with a discount in PLANERGY. If you are tracking discounts in PLANERGY this will now come through to Xero at the correct discounted rates.

Other Improvements

  • Supplier PO Acceptance Notifications: Improved email notifications related to actions carried out by the supplier when using the Supplier PO Acceptance process. Notifications for Accept, Reject, Comment, Confirmed Delivery Date Update.
  • Integration Import History For Tax, GL Code, and Terms: For integrations where they can be imported there is now a full import history tracked for Tax, GL Codes, and Terms. This works similarly to existing full audit trail tracking for Department and Suppliers.
  • Small fixes: Improved restrictions related to the item tags feature, improved export for the Department Budget vs Expenditure with Bar Chart report, fixed some issues that occur in very specific circumstances with notifications around PO approval.