Here are all the updates made in the release of Planergy that went live in July 2024

What’s New

Accounts Payable – New Search Criteria Added To Invoice Documents Search 

New search fields are added to the Invoice Documents search.  

After this release, the invoices can be filtered before being fully processed. 

Users can now search by Invoice Number, Invoice Date, and Received Not Invoiced Items.  

The Received Not Invoiced filter allows you to filter invoices to show only those with POs containing received but not invoiced items.  

The Invoice Number filter allows you to filter invoices by the invoice number Planergy has scanned from the invoice document. 

The Invoice Date filter allows you to search by the invoice date Planergy has scanned from the invoice document. You can set a range with a start and end date. 

Accounts Payable – Invoice Documents – New Clear Button on New PO Invoice Document Page 

A new ‘Clear’ button is now available on the New PO Invoice Document page. It allows users to remove all auto-populated data from the invoice with a single click. 

This feature provides a quick and efficient way to reset the invoice form. It ensures that users don’t have to manually clear each field.  

Accounts Payable – PO Invoice and Non PO Invoice Department Selector Restrictions Removed  

The Department selector on PO Invoice and Non PO Invoice forms now list all active departments for any user with access to the page.  

Before the update, users could only see the Department(s) they had available in their Purchase> Order On Behalf permissions. 

Based on feedback from users this was too restrictive. Now it is easier to manage updating departments when processing invoices. 

Budgeting – GL Code Linked to Departments and Budgets Set per Department 

This feature is an optional update. If you would like it enabled on your Planergy account, please contact the support team. 

When enabled it allows the list of GL codes available to be selected per department in Control Panel> Departments. This can help greatly reduce the number of manual errors when assigning GL codes. 

Each GL Code linked to a department can also have an individual budget set for the department. This allows for greater control of expenditure at the GL code level.  

Purchase – New Order – PO Line Item Information Menu – Budget Check, Price Variation, and More 

On the New Order and View Order pages a new line item information popup is added  

To access you press the three dots icon (or overflow menu icon) at the start of each line, before the item name field.  

This gives additional contextual information to help select and approve items. 

The available information in the menu for each item is: 

Item details 

Price Variation 

The graph is like the one available in the Advanced reporting section and has the option to filter to different periods. ods.  

Department by GL Budget 

If you are using the new feature of setting a GL Budget per department it will be possible to review the expenditure versus budget here. 

GL Code Budget 

The GL Code budget assigned at the company level can also be made available to review. 

Cost Code Budget 

If you are setting budgets on the Cost Codes you can also review expenditure versus budget here. 

Purchase – GL Code Description Now Visible to Approvers When Approving a PO 

When approving a PO that included a GL Code you could only see the code without the description. Based on feedback from users this made it more difficult to approve. 

Now the description and code will be visible on the approval request emails.  

When viewing the purchase request in Planergy you can hover your cursor over the GL Code to see the description. 

This Should make it easier to check the GL coding is correct and approve the PO.  

Purchase – The Number of Your Orders Waiting for Approval Flagged in the Main Menu 

 The number of orders in the Your Orders > Waiting For Approval page is now visible in the left-side menu.  

The number will be the combined number of orders in the two subsections, Your Orders Waiting For Approval From Other Users and Other Users’ Orders Waiting For Approval From You.  

This provides quick visibility of the orders pending.  

This improvement is also available in the Ticket and Accounts Payable modules. 

Purchase – Add New Supplier Button On New Order Page 

This feature makes the “Add New Supplier” button available on the New Order page’s supplier dropdown list when supplier approval is enabled, and the user has permission to request a new supplier.  

When the supplier selector opens there will now be an Add New Supplier button. 

When the supplier selector opens there will now be an Add New Supplier button. 

When the button is pressed a popup form to request a new supplier will open.  

This makes it easier to make requests to add a new supplier and is the same workflow that Is available when supplier approval is not enabled. 

Before the update users needed to access the Control Panel to request a new supplier.  

Purchase – Planergy CheckOut – Edit Price, Quantity, and Discount Fields in Planergy  

This feature allows users to edit the price, quantity, and discount fields of items after they have been submitted to Planergy.  

This adds greater flexibility and control by enabling users to make necessary adjustments without needing to resubmit or restart the checkout process.  

Control Panel – Departments – New Total Expenditure Graph  

In the Total Budget section of the View Department page there is a Total Expenditure graph added.  

The graph provides real-time data on expenditure versus budget. This will make it easier for administrators to manage budgets in the Control Panel. 

Control Panel – Suppliers – Supplier Classification Improvement 

Supplier classification is an optional feature. This update only applies if you are using the feature. If you would like it enabled on your Planergy account, please contact the support team. 

Previously, there was a predefined list of options for classification, this was not flexible enough for most users.  

With this update it is now possible for users with the correct permissions to add, edit, and archive the list of options for classification.  

On the Add Supplier or Edit Supplier page users can click “+” to add a new classification via a popup, or “-” to archive an existing one. 

General – Popup Table Customization Settings 

 This introduces the ability for users to customize table settings for the popup tables that appear in Planergy.  

Users can now adjust table configurations such as column visibility, number of rows visible, and edit sorting based on the available columns to better suit their needs.  

This provides a more flexible and user-friendly interface, allowing users to tailor the display to their own needs.  

General – New Item Details Section Design for POs, Invoices, and Ticket Requests 

The layout of the Print, Download PDF, and Email versions of the item details section for POs and invoices is improved. .  

The Item Details Section looked like this before the update. 

Now, the Item name, item code, quantity, unit of measure, price, and discount are displayed for each item clearly. 

Integration – Exact – New Setting To Allow Invoices To Export Before They Are Approved 

This introduces a new setting to allow the export of not approved invoices to Exact.  

This is configurable in the integration settings for your account.  By default, this setting is disabled, preventing the export of unapproved invoices.  

When enabled, an “Export to Exact” button appears on the saved invoice page, allowing export with a specified credit term. Once exported, the posting status updates to “Posted”. If the invoice is later authorized, it cannot be exported again. 

Integration – – Department Hierarchy 

This feature allows structuring the departments in the same way in and Planergy. More specific reports, user permissions, and approval rules can be created in Planergy now without losing the connection in 

Other Improvements 

  • PunchOut Integrations – Address ID can now be linked to the Location Code assigned to Locations saved in Planergy. This adds flexibility in how order information can be shared with PunchOut suppliers. 
  • Control Panel – Suppliers – Search filter ‘Imported’ has been updated to use the name ‘Synced’. This is because some suppliers will be exported from Planergy to sync with another system. 
  • Control Panel – Roles – System Admin role no longer has free-text permissions for Locations and Suppliers by default.