What is a department?

The Departments set in the system will often match what you have set as your departments or cost centres in your financial package. Departments in the system can be used for order tracking, budget control, expenditure reporting, and user permissions control. The more departments you have in the system the greater control you can apply. How you set up your departments might depend on your requirements and the level of control you want to have.

Order Tracking and Budget Control

All orders created in the system must be assigned to a department. When an order is approved the full value of the order will be assigned to the department and will be taken from the budget for the department. You can assign budgets to the departments to restrict expenditure. When the department budget is reached no further orders can be approved for the department until the budget renews or a user with authority to approve a budget change increases the budget.

Expenditure Reporting

The expenditure for a department will be tracked and can be reported on.

User Permissions

Each user in the system needs to be assigned to a department. All Order Permissions and Invoice Permissions for the user can be assigned for their own department, all departments, or for a list of departments. The purchasing limits for the user can also be assigned per department.