How Do I Add An Approval Rule?

  1. First, access the Approval Rules section in Control Panel.
  2. Click the [Add New Approval Rule] button.
  3. Fill in the information for the new approval rule.
  4. Choose a descriptive name for the rule.
  5. Set the threshold – the dollar amount of the order where the rule becomes active.
  6. Choose the department the rule applies to.
  7. Choose the type of approval rule.
  8. When set to Manual, you must choose the approver to send the request to at each step.
  9. When set to Automatic, the request is sent to all the approvers in the list.
  10. If it requires additional steps, click the [Add Step] button.
  11. Click the [Save] button to save the rule.
  12. Click the [Make Active] button to make the rule active in PLANERGY.